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Scale your hiring with data. Get insight into candidate skills and potential through the power of game-based, interview-based, and coding assessments all from a single platform.

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Data-Driven, Science-Backed

Minimize Bias

Assess and Interview in One Step

Confidently Prioritize Candidates

Interview Assessments

Our team of IO psychologists work with you to create and monitor a relevant talent assessment that fits your job needs while mitigating bias. Our candidate assessment software will help you combine the interview and skills assessment into a single unified experience that can be completed in less than 20 minutes.

Game-Based Assessments

Game-based psychometric tests can be used as pre-hire assessments and as assessments for internal mobility and leadership potential. Assess candidates’ skills in a quick and engaging experience to help you easily prioritize candidates on the skills that matter.

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Non-technical recruiters can easily prioritize technical talent with auto-scored coding assessments. HireVue’s technical hiring solution features a coding test screening platform which measures the most relevant competencies, so recruiters have confidence that the candidates they advance to the hiring team are the most qualified for the role.

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Validated and backed by science

Assess candidates on job-relevant skills in a quick and engaging experience. Easily prioritize candidates based on their potential and work style, how they work with people, and how they work with information.

Create a fair, fast screening process

Our team of IO psychologists work with you to create and monitor a relevant assessment that fits your job needs while mitigating bias. Align assessments with the candidate experience you want to provide.

Measure the right mix of competencies

HireVue has a comprehensive library of competencies, each designed to measure a different aspect of job fit. Identify and assess the skills you need to build a high-performing workforce for your organization.

“We were hiring based solely on experience and we wanted to start screening for potential too.”
— Melissa Gee Kee, Strategy Director to the CHRO & Global HR4HR Director, Unilever
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