Game-based assessments

Quickly find and engage high-potential candidates

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Science-based insight

Expert IO Psychologists and tools provide needed insights.

Faster, better prioritization

Understand individual cognitive skills, competencies and traits.

Modern candidate experience

Ditch legacy assessments for engaging and relevant games.

Insight any way, anywhere

Use alone or combine with a video interview.

Validated Game-Based
Psychometric Testing

Psychometric Testing

Game-based psychometric tests can be used as pre-hire assessments and as assessments for internal mobility and leadership potential. Assess candidates’ skills in a quick and engaging experience to help you easily prioritize candidates based on their personality and work style, how they work with people and how they work with information.

Evaluate faster and engage anytime, anywhere

Evaluate Faster

Game-based assessments allow hiring managers to better gauge future candidate success in a single step while minimizing bias. Measure candidate’s potential and job fit by algorithmically linking candidate gameplay to job-relevant competencies in three main competency domains: personality and work style, how they work with people and how they work with information.

Quickly Engage Candidates

Game-based assessments allow candidates to complete a simple series of engaging games. Each game is designed to measure a different job-relevant competency, so hiring managers can quickly identify the top candidates for their unique hiring needs.

Assess anytime, anywhere

Ensure a great candidate experience with assessments that typically take candidates less than 8 minutes to complete a game. Hiring teams can choose to include 2 or more games, depending on what series of competencies you’re evaluating. Our game assessments are dynamically progressive: difficulty scales up or down based on a candidate’s performance without being frustrating. Each candidate receives a gameplay experience optimized for their own personal proficiency.

Measure the right mix of competencies

HireVue has over 20 games in our portfolio, each designed to measure a different aspect of job fit across three competency domains:

  • Ability to work with information
  • Ability to work with people
  • Personality and work style

Aligning Game Assessments to Critical Competencies
The HireVue team of IO psychologists works with you to identify the critical competencies for each job role, and select the individual games that measure those competencies and align with the candidate experience you want to provide.

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